Congratulations to our Indiana youth hunters!

First morning of youth weekend! 5 years old and completely addicted.

​Mandy 2016

​On the left, Brianna with her first buck, 5pt... and on right, Krista with a 8pt.. so proud of both our girls!! Youth season 2018, 30 minutes apart

​Bentley Biltz. Age 8. Third buck in 3 years. 11 point Franklin County.

Wyatt Curts, 13 years old, Harrison County, 10-29-18, Indiana youth hunt . 9 point, Dressed weight 220lbs.

Nolan Brown. 10 years old. Harvested on 11-3-18. Crossbow


2018 Big Oaks NWR youth hunt. He used a 450 bushmaster!


​8 years old. First time he pulled the trigger on a deer.

​My 12 year old with her doe this year and her brother helping!!