IWDHM is promoting the implementation of a CDAC (County Deer Advisory Council).  Wisconsin implemented this program in 2014 and so far the results have been impressive.  A CDAC gives a voice back to the deer hunters in each county.  Here's how it works......

Each county forms a committee, made up of deer hunters, insurance reps, tourism reps, agriculture reps, DNR reps, forestry reps, and any local deer hunting groups,  A chairman is elected to each county commitee.  The committee will hold 1-3 meetings anually.  Each year the committee will review the previous years harvest results, analyze the effect the winter has had on the population, and will make antlerless harvest recommendations to the NRC for the upcoming season.  Every 3 years the committees will recommend a direction for the deer herd in their particular counties, i.e. increase, decrease, or maintain.  These recommendations will be forwarded to the NRC for consideration in the upcoming season structure.  The CDAC provides a way of micro-managing our deer herd on a county by county level, and provides input from the public on a local level. 

      We believe this to be an efficient system that will provide the DNR and the NRC wilth input on a local level so as to better manage our deer herd.  Each CDAC meeting will be open to the public, and the committee will be made up of a variety of individuals, both consumptive and non-consumptive users of our wild deer herd.  

      We are currently in communication with the IDNR and the IDFW on this issue.  They have agreed to contact the officials in WIsconsin and speak to them about how their CDAC works for them.  

      A CDAC will benefit all involved, from the DNR down to the everyday deer hunter.  Instead of the broad-brush approach to deer management in Indiana, a CDAC provides a county by county input system, a micro-managed solution to our declining deer herd.  

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