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IWDHM was founded in 2014 by a group of concerned hoosier deer hunters.  Our concern for the decline of the whitetail herd in Indiana was our driving force.  We proceeded to organize and take our concerns as a group to the DNR and the DFW.  We began working with senators in the statehouse, and held several meetings with the DNR, including both directors of the DNR, and the DFW.  We lobbied for a statewide County Deer Advisory Council program, and after a series of meetings we were asked by the DNR and the DFW to conduct a pilot program, consisting of 6 counties.  We organized 10 county meetings across the state.  In our view, and the view of  the over 1000 attendees to the pilot meeting program, it was a success.  The DNR and the DFW took notice to the voices statewide begging for a change in the management of our deer herd, and heard the cries for hunter's voices to be heard.  The DNR hired a new deer biologist, Dr. Joe Caudell.  Joe began immediately working on a new, very robust survey, and also diligently began analyzing past survey data.  The new after hunt survey Joe released was a big step in the right direction for getting our voices heard, and the very comprehensive deer survey Joe released in 2018 to all folks registered on the DNR website was the biggest opportunity for hoosier deer hunters to voice their opinions in years.  While a statewide CDAC was ultimately not adopted, these new surveys, Joe's desire to gather input from all stakeholders of our deer herd, and the DNR and DFW taking extra steps to garner input from the public, our view is our push and hard work ended up being a success.  In 2017, the DNR and DFW changed from a full on reduction mode, to a maintain mode.  Our deer herd could not take another year of reductions, and this move came in the nick of time. There is still much work to be done, but we gained a lot of ground, and our deer herd is going to recover from the massive reduction mode debacle. We still believe our deer herd needs  substantially increased in many counties in Indiana, and we will continue to push for this  goal.  We are now a sitting member on the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee, and the Indiana Sportsman's Roundtable.  In these venues we proactively work with the DNR and the DFW, as well as other wildlife and sports groups from across Indiana.  The future looks much brighter than it did in 2014 when this group began.  We are optimistic about our newly refreshed working relationship with the Directors of the DNR and the DFW, and we feel that we can make more positive changes, not just with our deer herd, but for all wildlife in Indiana.  Follow us on Facebook to keep up with everything we are doing, including the meetings we attend and the information discussed.  Thank you to all of our members and followers for your continuing support, let's work together and keep making positive change for Indiana hunting. 

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